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Comfort AC & Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are similar to central air conditioners because they transfer heat from one source (your home) to another (outside), and replace it with cool air. The air is cooled by making contact with certain types of refrigerant liquids. The difference is that heat pumps also provide some cooler season heating, so they are perfect in climates where it doesn't get too cold year round. The Carrier central air conditioners and heat pumps use energy efficient technology and environmentally friendly refrigerant. If you have an older AC unit that uses R-22, you might consider an AC replacement sooner rather than later. R-22 will no longer be produced in 2020. Call our pros at Superior HVAC and we'll explain the benefits of Carrier air conditioning!

Furnace Replacement For an Energy Efficient Home

Fortunately, the weather in Houston is moderate during the winter season. It's still extremely important to have reliable heating, especially if you have older or younger individuals living in the home. The Infinity furnace systems are not only dependable, but they are energy efficient. So not only will you be sure that you have a quality heat source when you need it most, you will likely save money on your monthly energy bills. Because this system has ma variable-speed blower, it can run in a lower stage 90% of the time. That also means it will be much quieter. Not only that, but these systems improve summer dehumidification!
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Infinity Air Purifying System

In most cases, our customers never realize the full benefits of an air purifying system until they experience one themselves. Most of them report being able to breathe much easier during times where air quality is poor. That's because these systems not only trap harmful bacteria and pathogens, they destroy and deactivate them with an electric charge. It is extremely effective for pollen, animal dander, smoke, and many other pollutants. If you are considering whole house air purifying systems in Houston, give us a call and learn about the benefits of our Carrier products.
infinity air purifier for homes in Houston
Carrier HVAC system installation in Houston

Carrier Covers all Your HVAC Needs!

Are you looking for a specific solution for your HVAC system? Maybe you need a new thermostat or air filter. Through Carrier, Superior HVAC offers a great selection of custom HVAC solutions. We also provide commercial HVAC services to greater Houston and beyond. If you're looking for a way to make the most out of your HVAC system this summer or winter, get in touch with our expert technicians. We are fully licensed and certified to install Carrier HVAC products. 
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I had previously used my Home Warranty Company to service my AC units. They told me the Condenser Coils needed to be cleaned. They provided an estimate and Superior was less than half. They showed up on time and completed the work in less than 2 hours. Highly recommend this company.
- Robert D.
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