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We are your premier provider of the best HVAC services in The Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe, Houston, Magnolia, Spring and Cypress. From air conditioning installation to commercial HVAC services and more, our team does it all! When you partner with us, we make your happiness our priority. Our same-day service calls ensure you will never have to go without air conditioning, heat or central air. Continue reading to learn more about our HVAC services in The Woodlands and call to schedule an appointment, today.

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A functioning AC system is like oxygen during these hot summer months—it’s essential! Older air conditioning units can become less efficient over time, leaving you in need of repair or even whole system replacement. Whatever your air conditioning service needs may be, our experienced technicians will handle the job in a timely manner, with the utmost skill and professionalism.

When it comes to having a new air conditioner installed, you want to enlist the help of a team of experts who can install your new system without delay. Because as we all know, going without cool, circulating air is almost impossible when Texas temperatures are resting right around 90 degrees. To have your new AC unit installed as quickly and efficiently as possible, trust the experienced professionals at Superior HVAC.

You know that weird buzzing sound coming from your AC that you have trained yourself to ignore? That buzzing sound that started out of nowhere and is clearly something out of the ordinary? Well that buzzing sound is actually a sign that your air conditioner is in need of repair. If at any point you suspect there may be a problem with your AC unit, call our team to have the issue resolved right away. Problems that start small and go without repair eventually turn into full blown issues that require extensive and expensive solutions down the line.

Your new air conditioner is going to be a total game changer—especially if you’ve been using an aging AC system for the past few years. If you are finally going to treat yourself to a new air conditioning system, our expert team specializes in AC replacement services in The Woodlands. We will install your new system with great precision, ensuring your air conditioning unit works exactly the way it is designed to.

It may seem like it’s too early to start talking about furnaces and heating systems, but the truth is, it’s never too soon to start planning for the cooler temperatures ahead. If you are looking for the highest quality furnace services in The Woodlands, call on Superior HVAC. Our professional furnace services include repair, replacement and installation. To stay ahead of the curve, give our team a call today.

While hot air is probably the last thing you want to think about right now, there’s no time like the present to start planning for the changing weather. We offer expert furnace installation services for our customers in The Woodlands, Cypress, Spring, Conroe, Tomball and Magnolia.

Strange noises coming from your furnace is a clear sign that your unit is in need of repair. While many try to write off these sounds, attributing them to natural wear and tear, the truth is, any out of the ordinary noises should never be overlooked. Don’t ignore that high pitched squeal that rings throughout the house when your furnace is running–all Superior HVAC today.

Out with the old, and in with the new! It’s finally time to toss your old furnace and have it replaced with a new, high functioning unit. To ensure your new furnace works as efficiently as possible, you will need to rely on a team of experienced professionals to conquer the job. At Superior HVAC, our furnace replacement services are available year round, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead, now, for the cooler weather in our future.

You may not be looking for heating system solutions in October, but at some point, you are going to need our expertise to help you with your heater. Whether you require minimal repairs, installation or whole system replacement services, there is no job too big or small for the highly qualified and experienced technicians at Superior HVAC.

Having a new heating system ready to go is an absolute must when cool weather rolls in. Just like air conditioning is essential right now, a high functioning central heating system will prove to be one of the best decisions you make with winter around the corner. Our trained professionals will install your new heating system with expert skill and in a timely manner.

When cooler weather rolls in, the last thing you want it to be caught up, frustrated with a malfunctioning heating system. Maybe last year you noticed your heater was making funny sounds or perhaps you just want an update on the status of your older system. Whatever the case may be, the team at Superior HVAC specializes in heating system repair.

There are many benefits to having your old heating system replaced, and if you have been considering a replacement, now’s the time. There is no bad time to have your heater replaced–yes, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Maintaining a comfortable home or work environment means being prepared, always, whatever the weather may be.

At Superior HVAC, we understand that a commercial HVAC system is a big investment. This is why we put forth every effort to protect your investment and ensure it is installed properly and professionally. If you need a new commercial unit installed or repaired in The Woodlands, our expert technicians have you covered!

Having a new commercial HVAC system installed requires great finesse and skill. Our team specializes in the installation and repair of commercial HVAC units—we promise to have your new system up and running faster than you can say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” You and your employees deserve to work in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to your office space needs.

Commercial HVAC systems have a heavy workload. Over the years, commercial units grow older and start to work less efficiently. Sometimes, the solution is whole HVAC system replacement, but other times, your unit may only be in need of minor repairs. When these types of repairs are taken care of immediately, you will maximize your system’s lifespan and be able to use it for years and years to come.

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